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It is very user-friendly and can be started right away after installing the software. 3. Geospatial, Orthoimagery, GIS, GIS Desktop, CAD 4. Highly Reputed University and Colleges 5. Lecture also given by the experts 6. Course Duration: 10 Months 7. Workshops also available with Faculty Expert 8. HIGHLIGHTS: Dr. Khasim is an accredited Assistant Professor and he is experienced in teaching GIS, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for the past more than five years. He possesses rich hands-on experience in teaching different modules of GIS in private sectors in Egypt. He has taught remote sensing and GIS on national and international level. He has also taught advanced GIS course for senior technicians. His passion for teaching and passionate interest in GIS have inspired him to write and develop this course. 9. Easy to Understand 10. Easy to Learn 11. Co-Curricular Activities 12. Internet based Interactive Training. 13. Attractive Weekly fee, Free of Cost (Registration Fee is Mandatory) 14. We provide you with a certificate of completion. Who can Take this Course? If you are looking to learn Advanced GIS, or New GIS user, then GIS Associate, GIS, Remote Sensing and GIS Desktop will be perfect for you. You will learn to know the information about your region, how to use the software and also your responsibilities as a GIS professional. If you are already using a GIS software application, then you will learn GIS Associate and GIS Desktop as well. Students who are interested to learn Map Design or CAD should consider the Map Design, and CAD courses. This course is very helpful for those students who want to become GIS engineers and support staff. You will learn to work with GIS data set, there are various types of GIS data set such as topographical map, contour map, section map, soils map, aerial photography, aerial images, satellite imagery, and earthwork. Places to Visit Apart from our campus, there are also few places to visit nearby to learn more about the subject and how to get the maximum benefit from the course



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Free Download Autoplotter Full Version gavrvam

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